Macros and Micros: A Primer

We all know that we should “eat healthy”, right?  And, we probably know that the best healthy foods are ones that are as close to their natural state as possible.  If you can picture it growing or grazing in a field, then it’s likely it has more nutrients.  You don’t see fields of donuts, […]

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What switches your passion on?

Let’s get passionate!  What is passion anyway?  It’s having the drive, the desire and that burn to go and do the things that are important to you. It is a strong and barely controlled emotion.  Think about that.  When was the last time you felt so strongly about something that you could barely control […]

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“I don’t have time to prep!”

We all know that meal prep is vital to weight loss, and we know that we need to carve out a chunk of time once or twice a week to have it work.  We also know that sometimes life happens and that chunk of time doesn’t happen all at once, or at all.

Not to […]

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Meal Prep 101

What do you think when you think “meal prep”? You may think it means eating baked chicken, green beans and brown rice for every meal, every day, FOREVER! Well, we have good news for you: meal prep can be flexible, fun, and when you have it work for YOU, it is the most important […]

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What is a Power Promise?

We talk a LOT about promises around here, and especially about a certain kind of promise that we call a “Power Promise”.  Power Promises are the foundation to your weight loss transformation, and really, any transformation.  They are designed to help you rebuild your integrity, and integrity is so important that we talk about […]

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Meet the Team

Richard Morris, CEO
Richard has worked in the health field since 2002. He has worked with Heidi and Chris Powell on ABC’s hit show Extreme Weight Loss since 2010. He appears regularly as a fitness and nutrition expert on the Fox 10 Arizona Morning Show and is living his passion of empowering people to reach their […]

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