We all know that meal prep is vital to weight loss, and we know that we need to carve out a chunk of time once or twice a week to have it work.  We also know that sometimes life happens and that chunk of time doesn’t happen all at once, or at all.

Not to worry!  We’ve got lots of ideas to keep you on track when it seems like life is going off the rails.  From mini prep sessions, to meals that are ready in minutes, to healthy choices at restaurants, it’s still possible to eat right when things don’t go according to plan.  Let’s get started!

If you don’t have time to prep all your meals for the week, you can do “mini prep”, where you are planning ahead and preparing in smaller chunks, setting yourself up for success without a huge time commitment.  Here’s some ideas, hacks, and tools that are must haves when you do any prep:

  • Take a recipe you love, and double, triple or quadruple it.  Portion the leftovers in containers and use them for meals later in the week, or freeze them to use whenever you need a healthy meal!
  • Hard boil a dozen eggs at once and use them throughout the week.
  • 4 Kitchen Must-Haves for meal prep!
  • Kitchen Hacks to make meal prep a breeze!


Need a quick healthy breakfast?  We’ve got you covered.  Here’s 3 quick and easy recipes that will start your day our right!


What if you know you have to eat at a restaurant or fast food place and you want to stay on plan?  Here’s your goal when eating out:  keep fat, sugar, and sodium low (sauces, dressings, cheese, etc.), and keep protein and fiber high (chicken breast, whole grains, lots and lots of veggies!).  Here’s some more resources:

That’s it for today!  What do you do to make meal prep work for YOU?  Let us know!