We talk a LOT about promises around here, and especially about a certain kind of promise that we call a “Power Promise”.  Power Promises are the foundation to your weight loss transformation, and really, any transformation.  They are designed to help you rebuild your integrity, and integrity is so important that we talk about it over and over again.  Just know that when we talk about integrity, we are talking about you keeping your word to yourself and to others.  We are talking about having your life work, because what you say and what you do match.

We designed these Power Promises to have the maximum impact on your health goals, while being small enough to actually keep the promises.  It’s important to remember that while the action is important (drinking water, eating protein, etc), what is more important is that you actually do the action.  Each promise you keep builds up your integrity, you start to know yourself as someone who does what they say they will do, you start to love yourself.

It may seem silly that loving yourself can come from keeping one small promise, but it’s absolutely true, and to really have success, you want that promise to be so small and so easy that it does seem silly.  It will work, we promise!  You are practicing being a “Promise Keeper”, and to practice, it’s best to start small and simple and have wins.

So, let’s talk about the 5 Power Promises themselves, and how you can modify them to make them 100% keepable!

 1.  I promise to drink my prescribed water intake every day.  

Water is so important, not just for weight loss, but for having a fully functional, healthy body.  60% – 70% of  our cells, tissues and organs are water.  Drinking half your body weight in ounces each day helps with hydration, oxygenation, lubrication, and detoxification.  Those 4 -ations add up to weight loss.  If you weigh 200 pounds, you want to drink 100 ounces (that’s 12.5 8 oz glasses) per day.

MODIFICATION:  Wherever you are with water, make the promise to drink more.  If you currently drink about 8 oz. a day, then your promise could be to drink 16 oz. a day for the first week, then 24 oz. a day the next week and so on.  If you are drinking 8 oz. a day and suddenly promise to drink 100 oz. a day, you’ll end up super uncomfortable and won’t keep the promise.  Just baby step it up each week until you are at half your body weight in ounces each day.

2.  I promise to eat protein at every meal.

Every cell in your body contains protein, not just your muscles.  Eating adequate amounts builds and maintains your bones, skin, hair and yes, your muscles.  And building and maintaining muscles burns up calories and fat like an inferno.  Protein also helps you feel fuller longer, with less calories than carbs.  You can get your protein from a wide variety of animal and plant based foods, for example, lean meats and low fat cottage cheese or Greek yogurt.

MODIFICATION:  Start by paying attention to how often you are eating lean protein per day, you can check our Healthy Options and Portions List here for protein guidelines.  Then for one week, start adding it to one more meal than you usually have it.  Or start having protein with breakfast for one week and adding a meal in each week.

3.  I promise to eat breakfast, and every 3 hours thereafter.

Your metabolism is made up of all the chemical processes that keep you alive and give you energy, it’s what maintains your organs and burns your fat.  When you wake up in the morning, your metabolism hasn’t had any fuel for 8 to 10 hours and it is burning low and slow.  A healthy breakfast (with protein!) provides the fuel to spark your metabolism so it’s burning bright, and eating every 3 hours keeps it burning steady.  A steady metabolism means no afternoon slumps and maximizes your fat burning all day long.

MODIFICATION:  Note how many times a day you eat by using your favorite app, or good old pen and paper.  Set alarms in your phone to remind you when to eat.  You’ll have way more success with this if you are meal prepping once or twice a week.  If you aren’t a breakfast eater, start by eating a small meal with protein and carbs within 1 hour of waking up.  Again, small steps that you can build on week by week will give you the most success!

 4.  I promise to stay within my daily sodium guidelines.

Salt (sodium chloride) performs several essential bodily functions.  It isn’t a bad in and of itself, but if you eat too much, it will wreak havoc in your body.  With the typical Western diet of processed and packaged foods, you are probably getting too much sodium.  The American Heart Association recommends eating no more than 2300 mg of sodium per day.  If you reduce your intake down to 2300 mg or lower, you’ll retain less water, and lower your risk of high blood pressure and heart disease.  Using fresh or dried herbs, Mrs. Dash blends or No Salt will help keep the flavor high without the excess sodium.

MODIFICATION:  Cut out fast food, processed or packaged foods for one meal of the day for one week.  The next week cut it out for 2 meals, and so on until you are eating whole foods with less sodium.  Again, meal prepping is vital for you to have success with this!

 5.  I promise to move for at least 5 minutes every day.

5 minutes may seem like it’s not even worth it, but it absolutely is.  Make sure that you are doing 5 minutes of deliberate, moderate to high intensity work such as brisk walking or jogging, stair climbing, or air squats.  You can do any activity you enjoy, just get your heart and breathing rate elevated.  Depending on your fitness level, you can modify any exercise to be more or less intense.  Find what works for you!

MODIFICATION:  Start with promises of movement:  “I promise I will do 5 wall push ups, and 5 squats before bed every night.”  Or time:  “I promise I will march in place during 1 commercial break of my favorite show.”  Add on to that promise the next week and so on.

Remember, wherever you start is perfect for you.  If your promise seems so small that you feel a little silly making it, you are in the right place.  Keep that promise for a week and then add another one next week, building up your integrity one little promise at a time.  It all adds up to big results and having a life that works!